I never imagined that my smile would be a trendy smile one day! Few years ago I wanted so much to wear braces to have a “Hollywood style” smile… but I didn’t have the chance to get some. Over the years, I learnt to like my smile and even to turn it funny: Tell me who never tried to stock a straw in the gap or to do the fountain in the swimming pool? I did it! Today my smile is part of my personality and I even find it a little bit sexy!

Since few months, more and more fashion or beauty brands are choosing gap-tooth models for their campaigns. The gap-tooth smile is the smile du moment! I was very surprised, when at a party, a fashion editor suddenly told me: “OMG, you’ve got gap tooth… you are lucky it’s soooo fashion!” Crazy…

Today I am flattered to have this smile, but what will happen when this trend will be over? Georgia Jagger, Abbey Lee, Jessica Hart, Lara Stone, Anna Paquin and I will rush to the orthodontist for braces? No way… we are proud of our smile!

Jessica Hart, Abbey Lee, Goergia Jagger, Lara Stone, Anna Paquin and… me.