All celebs are mad about the 100% natural and organic coconut water! Health obsessed celebs such as Madonna (she invested $1.5 millions in a coconut water company!), Gisèle Bunchen, Sienna Miller, Courtney Cox, Matthew McConaughey, Rihanna and more, are absolutely fans of this water. The reasons why coconut water is so popular and is the new best friend of your detox program? Because coconut water is low in kilojoules, fat and sugar, very powerful to rehydrate your body, protects you against bad cholesterol and helps fight fluid retention (a major cause of cellulite).

The celebs loved-brands for coconut water are Dr Antonio Martins, Zico and Vita Coco.

Dr Antonio Martins (available in Australia here)

Zico (buy online here)

Vita Coco (available at Bikram Yoga Darlinghurst)