This Winter in Europe and especially in Paris, the polka dot stockings made a huge come back. Every legs were covered with the precious stockings. Thanks to Nicolas Ghesquière and his 2010 A/W collection for Balenciaga, that accessory became a 2010 must-have piece!

Because Winter is coming in Sydney, I’m happy to wear very soon my new polka dot stockings. By the way, there is one thing I don’t understand here in Sydney. Why, you, the Sydney girls are wearing black thick stockings even during summer? In France we wear them only in Winter!

Anyway, It was quite hard to find out that little thing! I went to many shops, many Websites before to find mine. I finally found some at Sportsgirl (I took 2 pairs before the rush!) and at Paddy’s Market. I bought classic ones and also unusual ones with little bows and little hearts.


Balenciaga catwalk

Balenciaga Polka dot

Sportsgirl polka dot stockings