The new spring 2010 Chanel makeup collection is just sublime! “Les Impressions de Chanel” is now available in stores, but rush if you want to buy it! Some stores are starting to create waiting lists, especially for the must-have of the season nail enamel in shade 505 “Particulière”. Don’t tell me that you ignore that it’s THE fashionable nail polish du moment…

I also felt in love with the lips makeup of the commercial photo shoot. I hunted out how Peter Philips, Global Creative Director of Chanel Makeup, made it:

Step 1: apply the lip liner “le Crayon des Lèvres”, in shade 36 “Beige”.

Step 2: apply the lipstick “Rouge Allure”, in shade 82 “Incognito”.

Step 3: apply the lip gloss “Lèvres Scintillantes”, in shade 139 “Futile”.

Empreinte de Chanel, limited edition