Good news girls! The film “Coco avant Chanel”, with Audrey Tautou, is now available on DVD. Because I love Chanel and because it’s the most elegant luxury brand, I wanted to give you some tips to look like Coco Chanel and to have her inimitable style…

For sure not everyone can afford a Chanel suit or the 5.55 bag! Anyway, with simple and cheap tips you can reproduce the Chanel style.

Rule N°1: Always have a perfect presentation

Mon petit, ne sortez jamais de chez vous, même pour cinq minutes, sans que votre mise soit parfaite, bas tirés et tout. C’est peut-être le jour où vous allez rencontrer l’homme de votre vie“, Gabrielle Chanel => Translation: “Young lady, never get out, even for five minutes, without a perfect presentation. It’s maybe the day you will meet the man of your life“.

I suggest you to start by taking care of your hands and wear nail polish. Of course, you’ll choose one in Chanel’s range. The best and the famous colors are “Lotus Rouge” (picture of my hand below) and “Blue Satin”.

Rule N°2: Always be elegant

Le luxe, ce n’est pas le contraire de la pauvreté mais celui de la vulgarité“, Gabrielle Chanel => Translation: “Luxury, it is not the opposite of poverty but that of vulgarity”.

Coco Chanel was always elegant and chic in her tweed suit. You can imitate her style by wearing a tweed jacket too. If you don’t want to be too ladylike, I suggest you to wear that jacket with a pencil skirt, or a skinny pair of jeans, or a fitted black pant and platform sandals. At the moment, in Paris, wearing that outfit is very trendy! Every Parisian has a tweed jacket and is wearing it to go to work, partying or just for food shopping! In Sydney, I hunted out some shops where you can find this similar jackets: Bardot, Dotti and Portmans.

Coco Chanel & Romy Schneider in Chanel suits


Rule N°3: Always wear pearls

Il n’y a pas de mode si elle ne descend pas dans la rue“, Gabrielle Chanel => Translation: ” There is no fashion if it doesn’t go down the street”.

For sure you don’t need to have real pearls to wear them. Now, everyone is wearing plastic pearls… Nobody will notice the difference! You can find plenty of pearls jewellery at Diva or Equip. Do not hesitate to superimpose 2, 3 or even more pearl necklaces.