As a good Parisian girl, I’m a big fan of Christian Louboutin and also a big fan of open-toe high-heel shoes ! But, you know, even in Paris Louboutin shoes are tooooo expensive. In Sydney, I discovered Peeptoe Shoes, an amazing brand for open-toe shoes. Every colors you like you can find it, small platform, big one, leather, patent… make your choice. And la crème de la crème, I hunted out the Louboutin style : Miss Soho, navy patent heels with a red sole. He he! The price? Only $249.

The problem? Why, you shoes designers, are always creating shoes with a minimum of 12 cm heel??!! Are you crazy? Do you think of all those women who wear your shoes? It’s a nightmare to walk with that (if you succeed), especially when you live in Sydney where streets are upside down. Why should we walk like robots or climb stairs clinging to handrail? Do you have partnerships with hospitals and chiropractors?

Next time, can you please create shoes with less than 10 cm? If you do that I promise I’ll buy all the range… or at least the navy patent, the green and the electric blue!

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