Still about my shoes hunter in Sydney, I found how to afford the Louis Vuitton shoes style for only $149.95 ! That miracle happened at Siren Shoes. I’m sure you saw that beautiful Louis Vuitton campaign with Madonna… in that campaign she is wearing surprising and super stylish shoes from the ‘Spicy Sandals’ range designed by Marc Jabobs for Louis Vuitton. Many celebrities are wearing those famous sandals : Beyoncé, Victoria Beckham, Alexa Chung, etc.

Now, you will wear them too… at least you will wear the same style thanks to Siren Shoes and the Appro range. Crazy how they are similar !!

Louis Vuitton ‘Spicy Sandals’ range

Siren Shoes ‘Appro’

Siren Shoes available at Myer.

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